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23-09-2013 13:23

International Tournament - Armenian Open (KyokushinKan)


Dear Branch Chiefs, Contacts and Club Leaders, Kyokushin-kan Karate-do federation of  Armenia Has the honor to invite you to International Tournament - Armenian Open for children, youths and juniors Kumite.
Place: Yerevan, Sports club "Dynamo” 
8-9-year-old children: Up to 25kg, Up to 30kg, Above 30kg                                       
10-11-year-old children: Up to 30kg, Up to 35kg, Up to 40kg, Above 40kg
12-13-year-old juniors:  Up to 35kg, Up to 40kg, Up to 45kg, Up to50kg, Above 50kg                             
14-15-year-old juniors: Up to 45kg, Up to 50kg, Up to 55kg, Up to 60kg, Above 60kg
16-17-year-old juniors: Up to 60kg, Up to 65kg, Up to 70kg
The participants in Kata are not divided into any categories.
The arbitrary program in Kata is on choice- Pinan (III-V), Yantsu, Tsukino-no.
The obligatory program: Gyakusay-sho.
In case of the equal quantity of points in the obligatory program there will be appointed a new Kata to be demonstrated different from the one already carried out.
The preliminary applications are admitted up to the 1th of November:E-mail: arm-kyokushin@mail.ru
Telephone numbers: (374  94) 40-42-45  Andranik Hakobyan

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